Best Resume Photo Tips

Thinking of putting a photo on your resume? Get some easy tips to make sure it looks great!

When you’re applying for jobs, even the photo on your resume can make a difference. A good photo can show you in a positive light. But, you need to choose and use it wisely. If you’re unsure about adding a photo to your resume or how to do it right, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we’ll give you simple tips to pick a good resume photo that makes you look professional and ready for the job. Let’s get started!

Resume Photo Tips

Here are some tips for taking a good photo for your resume:

  • Use a high quality camera if possible. The camera on your smartphone may be sufficient if it is at least 8MP.
  • Make sure the photo is well-lit. Natural lighting near a window is best. Avoid shadows on your face.
  • Frame the photo from your shoulders up. Get a close-up of your face and shoulders.
  • Wear professional attire like a suit, dress shirt, or blouse. Avoid casual clothes.
  • Have a neutral facial expression or a slight smile. Don’t frown or make a silly face.
  • Ensure your face and eyes are clearly visible. Glasses may cause a glare. Contacts may be better.
  • Check that the background is not distracting. A plain wall works best.
  • Make sure you are the only person in the photo. No other people or pets.
  • Take the photo horizontally. Vertical headshots look awkward on a resume.
  • Get the photo professionally taken if possible. Avoid selfies or amateur shots.
  • Pick a recent photo that looks like your current appearance. Don’t use old photos.
  • Crop the photo tightly on your head and shoulders. Remove any extra background.
  • Use a headshot size that is approximately 2 inches by 2 inches. Do not make it too large.
  • Use a high resolution of at least 300 dpi so the photo looks sharp.
  • Save the photo as a JPG file at 100% quality.
  • Test how the photo looks when printed in black and white. It should still look clear.

I hope these tips help you take a professional and polished photo for including on your resume! Let me know if you have any other suggestions.